This May Be The Perfect Career For Millennials

8 Reasons Why Millennials Are Made For A Career in Direct Sales

 Millennials, you have been given a bad wrap. Too often I hear negative talk about how millennials don’t like to work, job hop, whine and just want to save the Earth. I emphatically disagree. There are many young people in my life that fall into this age category and they are hard-working, responsible and kind. You are all navigating the new Wild West and  are crushing it!


So Millennials, why are you given such a hard time?

Because you grew up in a world different from the Baby Boomers’. Your generation was born into a world of technology. Can you even imagine a life without a cell phone or a computer? How would you shop, research, communicate, without your phone? This is why Direct Sales is perfect for you.

The Top 8 Things Millennials Look For In A Career & Why It’s Perfect For Direct Sales

  1. Options – You’re used to working from anywhere, thanks to technology. A career in Direct Sales (DS) allows you to not only work from anywhere, but it also allows you to set your own schedule, choose who you work with and how you conduct business.
  2. Recognition – Millennials, you grew up receiving participation trophies. You like to be recognized for your efforts, and respond well to knowing your hard work is noticed. In many DS companies, there are very good incentives offered as you meet milestones. This keeps motivation high. I mean honestly, who doesn’t like affirmation and to be rewarded for a job well done?
  3. Purpose-You are driven by more than just money. You like to have an impact on the world. The opportunity to join a company that is socially responsible, and offers ways to give back is important.
  4. Collaboration – You are natural collaborators. You’ve grown up with Google Docs. Working together, becoming a part of the solution, networking for a common goal is a well-developed skill. Naturally, the team element of a DS business is a great match.
  5. Learners– You and your peers are hungry for training. Access to learning opportunities are ranked as a top benefit. Most DS companies offer a wide variety of training through mentoring, peer-peer, virtually and in formal settings. There is truly an endless menu of both personal and professional growth opportunities.
  6. Work/Life Balance – Millennials have a keen sense of what makes a happy life and they’re not afraid to make it a priority. Being your own boss gives you the freedom to protect your time so you can create the balance needed.
  7. Family Flexibility – This really goes along with #6. More millennial moms are now Stay at Home Moms (SAHM). Technology has created a way for you to work and be home with your children, never having to miss the children’s first milestone moments.
  8. Creating Your Own Strategies – Because of the flexibility that DS offers, and the use of technology, finding the right Direct Sales company to partner with allows you to literally create the life you dream of.

Okay, now that you know why you are the perfect match for a Direct Sales Business, how do you choose which one is the right fit?

The answer – research. And in true millennial form, I know you’ll do this. First, look for companies that have growth, both in products/services and markets. Find out how long they’ve been in business, what their training opportunities are, and the overall credibility of the company’s founders. And ultimately, does it resonate with you. Do you believe in what they’re offering, their vision, their mission? If so, then take the next step to find out more. I’ll leave the link to my website here – it will give you a starting point, but please research multiple companies to learn what will be the best fit for you. After you’ve done your research, if you’d like to know more about the company I partnered with, send me an email – I’m happy to answer your questions. Or if you have questions about the industry in general I’m happy to help with that too.

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14 thoughts on “This May Be The Perfect Career For Millennials”

  1. Great post! I do think Milennials are a good fit for direct sales, and so many other jobs! Direct sales is great because it offers the flexibility us millennials crave and there are so many opportunities in this field! Youre right, we have been given a bad wrap… And I definitely can’t live without my phone! It’s like attached to me I think I even sleep with it sometimes in my hand lol

    • Thank you Stephanie! It’s always nice to have confirmation from a millennial! My niece has a corporate job but is also in Direct Sales. She said it just made sense. Your generation has so many options and I love how open to them you all are!

  2. Oh girl you rocked this post! I can agree. I do love the fact that work life balance is important to millenials. Love this post & definitely sharing.

    Can’t wait to see what’s next! Love your logo! Its beautiful 🥰


    I have so many friends that I went to high school with that are just absolutely LOST right now!

    They went to college for 4 years cause that’s what they were ‘supposed to do’…. they got degrees that they didn’t know what to do with… and now they’re waiting tables or working at a retail shop.. barely skating by to make payments on their student loans.

    SO incredibly sad!

    Direct sales is a great way to get them out of the hole and create a positive and meaningful career!

    I’ll share this with some of them!

    Great post! <3

    • Morgan, that breaks my heart! Both as a former teacher and a mom. I think schools need to adjust the preparedness to bring alternate careers into the conversation. I cannot imagine being so in debt and not having the future or career you thought you’d have. Yes, please share. If I can help them in anyway I’m happy to do it.

  4. Excellent post!
    You made so many great points. Millennials are often misunderstood and/or told to do it the same way parents did and so it’s nice to see practicle steps to actually building a career that leverages millennial mindsets.
    Thank you so much for writing this.

    • Hayley, I’m so glad you enjoyed my post! We have so much to learn from all generations, but the Millennials are especially inspiring to me because of their open mindedness to innovative ideas and strategies.

    • Thank you Milo! And yes, please do bookmark this site. I hope that my future posts will be interesting to you as well. If you have a particular topic you’d like to hear more on please let me know.

  5. Excellent points, Leslie! I hate when Millenials are lumped into a group and called unambition or lazy. I’ve raised two, and known so many others, and I find them to be inspiring and motivated. Maybe they are questioning traditional career paths, but good for them for doing so! And I think you are absolutely correct, most would be great in direct sales.

    • I’m with you Lori, I’m GLAD they are looking beyond the traditional. There’s a multitude of paths for people now and it’s exciting to see the Millennials take it all on with fresh eyes and enthusiasm!

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