My Top Five Home Office Tools

I am not an organized person by nature. It’s just not a skill that comes easily. Believe me, I’ve tried. I desperately want to be organized, but my brain just isn’t wired that way. I like to blame it on my creative nature. On any given day my desk will be full of stacks, clutter everywhere. It bothers me. I just never know what to do about it. 


How Do I Run Two Businesses If I’m Not Organized?

Good question! I’ve learned to equip myself with some office “must haves” that help me stay at least a little above water. If there are others out there like me, I hope this will help. Now you should know right up front, that I will be including affiliate links. (because if you’re unorganized like me, you want them at your fingertips). This means if people click on or purchase something I recommend, I will earn a very small commission. You can read my affiliate statement here.You can rest assured however that I will never recommend something without knowing that it’s a good product. It’s my reputation on the line here.

Hey, a girl can dream, right?

My Top 5 List

  1. The iCraze Stand Up Desk    (Affiliate Link)

This desk is a game changer for my online tutoring business. Since I teach English to students who live in China, my lessons start very early to accommodate the time difference. I can be teaching for several hours straight, so the ability to adjust the stand so that I am not sitting all morning is huge! It helps me wake up and also relieves back pain from sitting for so long.  Love, love it!!

2. The Scotch Pro Laminator (Affiliate link)

I use this laminator literally all the time. I began using it when I was teaching in the public schools. It’s perfect for laminating the task cards I create and fun game pieces. I also use it in my skincare business. There are certain documents I like to keep on hand and reference often, such as pricing guides etc. I laminate anything I use often to keep it protected. As an added bonus, I can use dry erase markers and highlight specific information when needed.


3. Bubble Envelopes  (Affiliate Link)

These are so fun! You can find them in a variety of colors and patterns. I like to change them up according to the season. I keep these envelopes on hand for mailing out samples. Before I would scramble to find something to put a sample in, most of the time not having anything, and having to run to the store. Now I keep a supply so that I can easily pop something in the mail when a customer requests it. Plus I have a variety  so I can choose the perfect mailer for each customer. It provides a nice personal  touch. (I also keep a stash of preprinted postage from the post office so it’s all ready to go.) Game changer!

4 Flair Pens (Affiliate Link)

Where Are My Teachers?

Are you really a teacher if you don’t have an obsession with Flair Pens? The classroom is where my flair pen addiction started. However, I use them on a daily basis now with both of my businesses. Because I’m an unorganized person, I like to color code when I can. I am constantly doing professional development and attending workshops to help  better myself both personally and professionally. When I take notes, I use a certain color of pen for the different topics. It helps me to recall the information later because I see it in my mind, in the color it was written. Teacher tip here… encourage your children to do this with their notes when studying for a test. It really helps!

5 Rare Earth Magnets    (Affiliate Link)

I Get Nerdy Excited About These

This recommendation may seem strange but oh how I love these magnets! I have a retractable banner as my backdrop when I am teaching. I need to hang props, decorations etc. on the banner, but if I add velcro or tape, it will affect how it retracts back down. So what’s a girl to do? These magnets are perfect! I put one on each side of the banner where I need to hang an item. They are super powerful so they even hold heavier, laminated (see #2), cardstock with ease. They’re also great to display your prospects and where they are in the decision making process for my skincare business.  

What Are Your Top Home Office Tools?

 If you struggle with organization I hope my recommendations will help. If you’d like to learn more about what I do, click here and here. We’re all in this together and I love to learn from others. What tools have you found to be helpful? Drop your favs in the comments. 

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