If Ten of Today’s Politicians Were My Students

Which Student Would They Be?

As my readers know, I am a former teacher. So in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week – THANK YOU TEACHERS, I thought I’d write something about education, but with a fun twist. Now before you read on, it’s important for you to know this is written completely  “tongue in cheek”, so I don’t want anyone getting too serious. The politicians I name are from both parties – no one gets a Hall Pass,  just read and enjoy. And Teachers, we all know the many different personalities of our students, and no matter how old they are, (I’ll be focusing on the elementary age), and no matter what quirks they have, we see potential in all of them.


Student Personalities

Raise a Quiet Hand When You’re Ready

The culture of every classroom is unique, however, the characters remain the same. If you think back to your school years, chances are you’ll remember certain students with specific traits. For example, there always seems to be an “Eager Beaver“. This student believes to his/her very core that being the first to arrive in the classroom, to line up, raise a hand or help the teacher is the absolute most important thing on the earth! Nothing you can do or say will make him/her feel otherwise. Then you have the “Tattle Tale“. There’s always at least one in every class. Try as they might, they just can’t help it. Now I always had a rule – if you or someone else is not dying, throwing up, bleeding – I mean gushing blood, or about to hurt himself or others, then I don’t need to hear it. The Tattle Tale has a very difficult time remembering this and relishes his whistle blower identity. Then you have the “Mean Girl”. Yes, unfortunately, she shows up as early as elementary school. She keeps the Tattle Tale very busy. There’s also the Helper, the Over-Achiever, the Impulsive – usually on a behavior chart, the “Talker” etc. 

Now don’t worry, I am not labeling students, just noticing personality traits. The beauty of the mix of these personalities is they all work together to make up a great class, and as teachers, we love them all.  So where do some of our major political players fall into these categories? What would my classroom look like if they were my students? Keep reading to see where they fall.

The List

  • The Eager Beaver -Lindsey Graham
  • The Over-Achiever – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
  • The Kind One -Jeff Sessions – You can seat him anywhere and he will be able to get along with his desk mates
  • The Helper – Nikki Haley – This is the student who helps you get your Friday folders together, switch out your centers etc.
  • The Impulsive – Donal Trump – Loads of potential, drives you crazy, keeps getting in his own way, but you know he’ll make it
  • The Mean Girl – Hillary Clinton
  • The Talker – Beto O’Rourke – usually extremely bright, but just cannot stop talking
  • The Secret Teacher’s Pet (because theoretically, we love them all equally, right?) Joe Biden
  • The Cool One – Doug Collins – All the kids want to be his friend
  • The Tattle Tale -Adam Schiff

Time to Review

Now it’s time to review. As I mentioned in the opening paragraph, this is written “tongue in cheek”. The ten politicians mentioned have both good and not so good qualities – this would be the perfect time to teach about Venn Diagrams. It’s also the perfect time to teach about tolerance and respect, but I digress… What are your thoughts? Do you have some others to add? I’d love to read them – I just ask that you stick to my #1 classroom rule -be kind and respectful always. Oh – and be sure to show all the teachers out there some love, they’ll appreciate it.

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  1. I’m not a teacher, but this article is so vividly written that any one can remember these student types from their own school days. How fun to assign a politician to illustrate the concept! Very entertaining!

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